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That'll be the not so Artful Dodger's tag then. Back across the pond, the police used te photograph all the tags so they a) know who all the modern day Michelangelos are an B) have "x" number o' charges o' damage te public/private property ready te throw at the spraycan sprogz if'n they ever caught them.


Ghostie, I'm all fer a bit o' colour, me, te enliven our drab dreary urban landscapes an lives an uplift us with expressions o' the inner sowl that make us smile through our weary dreary teary days.


But takin a tin o' black car paint an sprayin "SHOVEL" everywhere ye can spit doesn't quite cut it fer me, rev me engine or make me go other as "twat" when I see it, feller-me-lad. :? Mind, the like o Damien belongs-in-a-Hearse or Tracy Eminem (prefer her singin, me!) might try it an win the Turnaheapofeverydaysharnintemoney Prize. Strrrranger things have happened (and do te mesel' most days! :shock: Like only the other mornin, I ended up havin a frickin lightsaber duel on me breakfast table wit' a bottle o' kitchen cleaner! Beware the Power o the Cif!😱)


Person'ly, I'd take it as a request fer what the wee beggar wants walloped wit', should he ever be caught. Course if the rozzers find me fillin in a garden at half eleven at night, I'll surrrrrrreptitiously kick the spraycan ahind me an explain it's a late spot o gardenin, honest, officer Bear! ðŸ˜ðŸ˜œ

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Do any of you really care? this is pointless posts
We should all care. Shetland has managed to stay free from graffiti and if one idiot gets away with spraying their "tag" all over the town others will follow. And it is not a victimless crime. Someone has to pay for the cost of cleaning it up which could be the council spending money better spent on something positive or a business owner having to build the cost into future prices.
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whats the problem with it. its art. no one cares
OK I will have to go look next time I am in town (unless someone wants to put up a photo on Shetlink) but I still think that even if this is art it will lead to other tags that are just a mess. If it is art let us have a legal graffiti wall somewhere.......I can think of a few places that would be suitable.
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An' if the sausagedog is angry, ye'd better watch out fer yer ankles! 😱


Just kiddin', bucko! I agree wit' yez completely. There is such a thing as graffitti that makes the crossover from mindless sharny mess sprayed on by some immature trog with serious insecurities over their sexuality an' whether they're "hard" or not (titter), to an aesthetically appealin commentary on society an how we treat an look at others in a class-centred democracy.


But sprayin "SHOVEL" ain't it. 💩


Aye, right, Hans Christian, ye were only on the ould "wind-up". :ponders: :roll:

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