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Goodbye Northlink, Hello Serco !

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From the above article ^^^


"The company said services will be extensively modernised, with a more innovative approach to marketing and improvements in customer care at every stage of the journey - from ticket purchase through to arrival and disembarkation."


Has anyone used Scatsta or Broomfield House to experience Serco's customer care?!? :lol:


Nah, seriously though, hope it all works out for us. Got to give them every chance as this is world's apart from what they're doing for the oil companies, or the MoD, or Kilmarnock prison.......... :wink:

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I see from the article that they run the Woolwich ferry that crosses the river Thames. Having used that many times when I lived in the area, let's hope they do a better job of the service up here!! :shock:
Latest news on that is that Serco have lost that contract as reported here http://www.briggsmarine.com/company/news-and-events/news/briggs-marine-wins-50m-transport-for-london-contract/
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