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Somehow I don't think that a real-time drive through the Kames would qualify as prime time television, but maybe that's just me. Why do folk get so hung up on geographical continuity/realism in a fict

i don't understand how they managed to film this at Bigton. I was down there early Saturday morning and couldn't see a TV camera  anywhere. I think the whole thing is just made up!

Well I had the chance to view the series at least. It's mediocre crime fare in a above average setting (shetland). Same as the novels.   Just makes me want to go back to Shetland. And I will.  

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Blyed tae hear dirs goin tae be mare o series o BBC Shetland made. I fair enjoy it, and it maks me gaff when folk get wund up aboot da makers no being geographically accurate and dir no bein enough local accents. Its no a documentary!



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  • admin changed the title to BBC Shetland Series - Ann Cleeves novel to be filmed in Shetland
  • admin changed the title to BBC Shetland Series - Ann Cleeves novels filmed in Shetland

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