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Having had my eyes tested at Specsavers today it's now official that I need glasses for reading as well as distance.


To help me decide how best to deal with this, I'd like to hear about your experiences with varifocals, especially with Specsavers ones and their various lens options. Is it worth going for the most expensive "Tailor made" version? I'm at a loss as to whether I should take the plunge or just muddle along with two pairs of glasses.


Thanks in advance for all replies!

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I reached this stage a few years ago. I did try the two pairs of glasses scenario but what happened was that I always seemed to be wearing the wrong pair. The difference in the prescriptions wasn't a lot so I could manage, but eventually I did start to find my eyes straining, so I took the plunge and got the varifocals.

I got my glasses from Kelly's Opticians and have been very pleased with them. The only hassle with varifocals is having to look down your nose to read through the bottom half of the lenses!

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I've had varifocals from Kelly's and Specsavers. I've found them great (drove the 35 miles home the first time no problem) but some people don't get on with them so most opticians give you time to test them and don't force you to take them.

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