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Walkers experiments with crisp packets made of potatoes


I wonder what flavour the packet will be :?: Maybe the packet will taste better than the crisp’s inside.




Some may even be :? by the whole thing, and eat the packet and leave the crisps

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My very favouirte kinds o crisps whin I wis peerie wis:


- Piglets (fae Malcolmsons....wir dey da ony shop dat selt dem?)


- Spicy Tomato Wotsits (i'm slaverin thinkin aboot dem!)


- Burger Bites (heyd ta be aeten alang wee a can o Schweppes Orange & Passionfruit fizzy juice :wink: )

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Guest CyprusPluto

Although Smiths are now owned by Walkers.


Smiths crisps - that takes me back! There used to be a Smiths crisps factory over the road from the primary school I went to many moons ago in the last century.

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Rancheros were my favourite too, along with KP Tomato Sauce (they were in a pink packet). I also used to love cheese + onion Ringos (or Ringoes) - whatever happened to them?


And I can mind when I first started school, I used to have crisps for my 'piece' called something like Rock Star or Pop Star. They were kind of bowl-shaped - you could fit them nicely over the ends of your fingers - and I can only mind having salt + vinegar ones. Do they ring a bell with anyone as no-one else can seem to mind anything about them?

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