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Basic First Aid for dogs course...

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I'm thinking about offering a First Aid for dogs course.

Would there be anybody interested in that?

What subjects would you like to have covered?

What would you be happy to pay for a, let's say, half-day course?

What days of the week, time of the year etc would be most suitable for you?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions...

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That's great, Frances144. Thanks for your reply. First Aid for cats would probably mostly covered in the First Aid for dogs course as they obviously share a lot of issues. It could still be seen then if people would be interested in a separate First Aid for cats course. And I will also keep a First Aid for horses course in my mind for the future.

Feel free to pm your details to me (no commitment required at this stage)and I will contact you once I have arranged a date, venue etc...

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