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Yes, yes and it would make it a lot easier for Shetland to move on :thmbsup


Where to?

Full Independence, stay as part of Scotland or become more closely affiliated with England? What about closer ties with Scandanavia? That's another option.

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Independence for Scotland = more autonomy for Shetland.


I don't see a compelling reason for Shetland and Orkney to be independent from Scotland as well, although I fully support an referendum on the matter (Independence, Autonomy with Scotland, Remain in the UK)

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In 2014 we have a choice between two futures. A Yes vote is now the only way we can choose an alternative to this further dose of austerity. Scotland is a wealthy country by international standards, and taxpayers in Scotland have contributed more per head in taxes over the past 30 years than the rest of the UK. Our public finances are healthier than those of the UK. We can afford a better way.


A majority in Scotland believe Westminster austerity is the wrong approach for families, the economy and our public services.


Scotland only returned one Conservative MP out of 59. This Conservative driven agenda is not of our choosing. It's more urgent than ever that we put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands. We can choose a better way.


or just let the bullingdon boys decide what's best for us, fairly sure they have our best interests at heart.

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Can Scotland afford to be independent?


Population of England: 53.11 million (2011)

% unemployed: 7.8% approx.


Population of Scotland: 5.295 million (2011)

% unemployed: 7.1 approx.


And what if Scotland didn't get the oil/gas? There's not enough info coming out as to how Scotland would sustain itself. Fag and booze cheaper than the rest of Europe perhaps with very low tax so instead of going abroad, the English travel up the A1 for their vices?

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can scotland afford to be dictated to by eton tories we didn't elect?


not a bad idea re. booze and fags. could probably sell rainwater come the next drought south of the border too. and wind/wave/tidal power are all ideal for scotland too. i'd say there's a damn sight better outlook with independence than being tied to tory austerity.


we'd probably keep the oil too, though shetland will have better negotiating power there too i'd have thought.

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