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all hail President Salmond :P


I feel the increasing urge to run away.


Surely we live in a democracy. Why then would there not be a democratic election for governance of an independent Scotland?

Also, the SNP (having achieved their goal) would, or should disband.




The issue of an independent Scotland is independent of the issue of Big Eck as leader of said country.


I support independence but I'm a bit suspicious of Salmond. This suspicion will not stop me from voting for it though.

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What happens if the referendum produces a 'yes' vote for independence?.... Will the SNP stand aside and allow a free election to take place for a free and independent country or will they assume control as the auto parliamentary?

Sounds like a re-branded system that we already know, to me.

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The next election for the Scottish Parliament is scheduled for May 2016.


If Scotland votes no then it will be for the current devolved parliament.


If Scotland votes yes then it will be the first election for the new government of the independent Scottish state.


If Scotland votes yes then between vote in 2014 and that election in 2016 the current SNP government plan is to negotiate the terms of the split/divorce/separation (call it what you choose) and agree a draft constitution for the new state with engagement/consultation with numerous stakeholders, and negotiation Scotland's membership of United Nation, European Union etc.


What happens with politicians involved may not be that straight forward.

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Thanks Who Knows,

That is the most mature and well thought out post I have seen on Shetlink in a very long time.

A common mistake people make is that, should Scotland vote yes it will happen overnight. As you rightly pointed out, either way the next Scottish election is in 2016.

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Bit of a hypothetical question given there is no democratic movement currently arguing for England to separate from the rest of the UK. "Better together" is the buzz word of the 4 main political parties in England.


However if England wished to dissolve the Union of the Parliaments as a sovereign country they would have the democratic right to do so. England would then have to apply to join the United Nations, European Union etc.


Theoretically this would leave Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland as the successor state to the UK but would have to then decide whether they wish to remain a single country or also go their separate ways as independent countries.

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The debate on this issue is often clouded by the lack of independent research and to many assertions made about possible best or worst case scenarios.


Given Shetland's scandavian connections recently published research article by Icelandic professors may add a bit of sense and clarity to the debate it can be found at the following web address




With the visit of the Scottish Government to a public meeting in Lerwick this Thursday can give those who want answers to their salient issues answered the opportunity to have a say and hold them directly to account.


The decision next September may be potentially life changing to us all.


Hopefully people will choose to vote in large numbers and take the time to make that decision in a rationale manner after carefully reflecting on the case presented and deciding what best serves the aspirations for the future country you wish to live in.

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CROFTERS backing independence are launching a country-wide group to campaign for a yes vote in next year’s referendum.




Finland, an independent country with around the same population as Scotland, where in the most recent Rural Development Budget, small farmers were awarded 138 Euros per Hectare in EU support compared to the 20 Euros per Hectare obtained by the UK for crofters and small farmers in Scotland

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What is it with people when it comes to this talk of subsidy from the EU ?

Its not from the E.U. ! Its only a fraction of the money back that we ( as a country) paid into the corrupt organisation in the first place.

The country is shafted 50 million per day by recent research




I have tried to point out to many pro scottish independance types that it's not independance to dance to Brussel's tune as a province of europe, but usually their eyes just glaze over as they don't seem to understand?


Look what the SNP says on the europe question




FFS ! look at the state of Greece, Spain , Italy , Ireland, Portugal etc - economies F**k*d , 50 +% youth unemployment.


Watch the clip...


Look at Shetland / Scotland fishing industry story , quota system has led to decimation of the fleet , hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fish dumped ( still ongoing) and many vessels now crewed by economic slave labourers from third world countries...


Independant Scotland ? What a load of crap !

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