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Looking for Wedding Venue in Shetland for 15/12/12

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Hello there!


I am due to get married on the 15th of December this year and have already booked the Lerwick Museum for the reception/dance, but because of rising costs and financial difficulties, I am looking for somewhere else that would be suitable for around 50 to 80 guests. Another reason for no longer wanting the museum is that you are not allowed to decorate the walls, and I want banners and christmas decorations etc. Isleburgh has already been booked up and I'm not keen on the British Leigon. The Town Hall is too big, and although I will be contacting Sound and Tingwall hall, I would love to know of other venues that may be free on that date (unfortunately, my first choice: Whiteness and Weisdale Hall) has another wedding there on the same date. I'm hoping to get somewhere that is reasonably close to Lerwick.


Also, I would be needing somewhere that sells alcohol as I want to have a bar at the wedding.


If you have any ideas, I would really appreciate it if you could PM Me.



Kindest Regards,

From Tracey.

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a wedding venue is only going to be what you make it. we used the baila room for our meal after the ceromony in town hall and you wouldnt have recognised it was a public hall really, thanks to my family and friends (and of course my parters eye for design) the place looked stunning!

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How about the Masonic Hall. They have catering facilities and a stage for a band if you want a dance. You don't need for anyone to be a member either.

I think you'll find a member must be in attendance for the duration of the function. The member is responsible for the whole event.

I agree that it's a great venue. :)

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You could try the Cunningsburgh Hall - the {relatively} new extension, 'the Ben End' holds about that number and will be warm in December with it's geothermal heating.


The Hall Committee has a Catering Team to provide a meal / buffet / Supper, and Bar Staff available for hire.


Tel. 01950 477329 to enquire about bookings.

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