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Shetland football team 2012


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Is that no more to do with the Northern an Southern Leagues the report the sfa commissioned done by Henry McLeish was on about. To try and establish a higher level of football in each part of Scotland they would split the leagues so the Highland league took in more teams from the northern part of Scotland and the juniors etc would establish a southern league with the winners of both leagues having the opportunity to join the 3rd division.

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I believe that the OAFA are going to try to establish an Orkney side in the Highland league set up at some point in the near future. Well that is their aim in the long run.


I note that Radio Orkney reports the formation on Orkney FC with the aim to Play in the North Caledonian League over the winter. A move in the right direction and one that will give players in their County setup a winter of competative football together.


From the Orcadian http://www.orcadian.co.uk/2012/08/ball-rolling-on-orkney-fc/


North Caledonian League




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we da biggest game in shetland fitba this weekend.

any thoughts on da parish cup final whitedale v unst?


Yes I home this weekend and cannot wait to see the game. I have to say Whitedale will start as favourites, but Unst now have some very good players. Should be an excellent game!

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