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A 'bit' sceptical? :shock:


Most of the pro independent financial figures are based on a pie in the sky notion that Scotchland will keep all of (or nearly all of) the oil revenue. A nice simple line to patronise the nice simple people who fall for that sort of guff.


According to the Government link MuckleJoannie posted above, if the oil is divided up along geographical lines, Scotland gets around 90%. I don't see any other way it can be divided up so "nearly all of the oil revenue" sounds about right.


It is, after all, in Scottish waters.


But the counter argument will be that 'Scottish' oil was brought about by non-Scots business and 'British' government investment, not some purely 'Scottish' investment. So therefore Britain gets a bigger cut than a geographical one.

And, like it or not, the oil is currently in 'British' geographical waters. So any oil revenue going to Scotland will be have to be decided by hard bargaining with the 'British' government in London first.


The rest of the UK isn't going to let Scotland scarper with 90% so easily.


Then this leads us to the lovely little conundrum of 'Shetlands' oil. If Scotland gets independence and the magical 90%, what's to stop Shetland pulling the same stunt?


ie: Right to self-determination and a big honk of oil revenue cleaved off Scotland?


We live in interesting times.......


British 'Government' investment ?? How is the money taken by them as tax an 'investment' ?


The truth is it is the shareholders of many companies and nationalities that invested money in the oil industry.


BTW - I am working out just how much oil lies within the Juristiction of various villages of the Former Republic of Shetland. At the moment the Peoples Repubic of Haraldswick and the Commonwealth of Hillswick look like good places to set up residence in.

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how will scotland (sic) fund its OWN health service, emergency services, will scotland (sic) have armed forces, what about passports, currency etc etc

How do you suppose they manage in Guernsey? The Isle of Man?

Jersey? the Faeroe Islands, and others.



Had you not noticed, Scotland already has it's own currency, a currency that a lot of retailers in England wont accept.


I believe the Channel Islands & the IOM are UK dependencies, when it comes to defence.

Scotland doesn't have it's own Coastguard :)

Regarding England (retaillers) not taking Scottish currency, I stopped asking years ago and just hand it over without batting an eyelid... not one of them has refused to take it for some time; maybe it's because I don't go with bundles of notes.... mind I don't go anywhere with bundles of notes.


I think when considering the issue of how Scotland would fund itself, the relative populations Scotland (5,222,100 (wikipedia 2010 estimate).) and England (51,456,400 (2008)) should be considered.

In a very simplistic way, I imagine that being one of 56 million (UK total) my tax bill would be lower than if I was one of only 5.2 million funding a country.


p.s. I wish I had bundles of notes

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Regarding Scotch note acceptance in Engerland, I've always found that Northern English retailers tend not to have a problem with the notes as they see more of them.


The problems are more pronounced the further South you go and I honestly believe it is because Scotland prints more than one set of currency notes and this confuses the poop out of some retailers.

Bearing in mind that they only ever see a very occasional Scots note, they wouldn't know if they were being stiffed with a dud note or not. Simple answer: don't accept any. Sorted.

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Guest posiedon

Regarding Scotch note acceptance in Engerland, I've always found that Northern English retailers tend not to have a problem with the notes as they see more of them.

As an aside, many years ago I was returning to Cumberland after a fishing trip to Portpatrick, I was low on petrol and it was a Sunday; all the garages were closed, just outside Dumfries I found a 24 hour filling station (like Grantfield only you used cash rather than a card) bloody thing wouldn't take Scottish notes (all I had) I had to go to a pub across the road to get English fivers.

Bear in mind this was in Scotland.

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spain the 4th richest country in europe,is going bankrupt,what chance has scotland got as an independent nation. how long before europe has to bail it out


Oh, oh! And Somalia is an anarchic hellhole, so how on earth is Singapore going to survive without rescue by Canada!




(Any other completely pointless, nonsensical comparisons you'd like to make?)

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