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I'm sure there is a strand for this somewhere, but I can't find it.


Is there any dog training classes in Shetland or trainers willing to assist with dogs/owners. We have a 1 year old dog who has come on leaps over the past year, is good with kids, toilet trained and very kind natured. However, we are having a few difficulties - he pulls on the lead (tried many techniques I've read up on), he barks at strangers and dogs to the extent that restricts where we can take him. He is a very excitable dog around visitors.


Thanks for information in advance.

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Hi tojo,

well, I'm a qualified dog behaviourist and trainer so might be of some help to you.

Generally with a 1-year-old dog (and without knowing your dog or the exact situation), it can sometimes happen that the dog and the training are going really well and then all in a sudden it seems like they never had any training at all before. That is called the adolescent phase...a little bit like teenagers during puberty. They were all good mannered and as soon as they reach teenagerhood they are all stroppy and it seems like all your effort was for nothing.

The bad news - you will need a lot of patience during this time...for teenagers as well as for adolescent dogs!

The good news - it will pass! And then your dog will remember his manners again...


Just pm me or have a look at my webpage (see below) if you would like to discuss this further or arrange an appointment.

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