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Olympic torch


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Oddly enough I heard about a Search and rescue helicopter that landed on a busy beach in the south of england somewhere ( believe it was military rather than civilian ) one of the crew jumped out and went off to buy some ice cream and returned to the helicopter.. someone complained and the authority involved basically said {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} off we don't care ( not quite those word but much to that effect).. personally i feel the same should fo been done with the meat incident


edit: ahh unbelievable {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} is classed as a swear word god this forum gets worse and worse everyday.. god help any kid that watches battlestar galatica

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I am worried that the Olympics has moved from a sporting event to a great big commercial show. But there are still sportsmen and women competing and the torch relay may have served to encourage youngsters from Shetland to compete in the future. And of course a lot of people in the UK and perhaps the world have seen the coverage which can only serve as good publicity for Shetland. Add to that a lot of people enjoying the event in Lerwick and I do not think there is so much to complain about.


As for the coastguard helicopter I presume that someone in the Coastguard decided that conveying the Olympic Flame, as part of a training exercise, was good publicity. Of course I trust that at any moment the helicopter could have diverted to a real emergency even if this meant leaving the flame by the side of the main road south.

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Just to liven the debate up a little - someone has just rightly pointed out that there is no rash of complaints about Oscar Charlie being used to ferry "the flame" around, unlike another recent incident...


As Sunday is their usual practice day, and they normally fly over Lerwick, it could have absolutely NO additional costs :roll: :roll:


What it did .. was to show those who didn't already know .. what extremely skilled pilots they are!


Excellent display! we are so lucky to have them!

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I would assume the torches are in Shetland the " davey lamps " would have been aboard Oscar Charlie when she left Lerwick but not sure if this is her back from the mainland or down from Lerwick. pics taken 16.47 and 17.06 :-


My daughter and myself took a run down to Sumburgh for 17.30 when the torch was scheduled to take off. The 2 Flybe planes then the helicopter took off for John O'Groats after a flight came in. I presume they couldn't fly direct to Stornawy for fear of offending the Wee Frees.


Tae clarify, the davy lamps left for south on one of the saab 340's. Oscar Charlie only came back to Sumburgh from Lerwick. The only helicopter that took off following the saab 340's was the Bristow one ( blu/white/red ) which headed norwast fae Sumburgh.Oscar Charlie remained on station. Photo taken 17.32 :-


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