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Olympic torch


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So where do you live Ghostrider, I'll make sure they know not to come anywhere near you, just incase you throw your keyboard at them........


Best have them cancel their planned high speed dash from airport to the big city then if you want that to work. There is just the one piece of tar.

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Would you agree that around 75% of Shetlands population will have a opportunity to see the Torch, if they so wish that is!

Depends what you count as an opportunity. Yes I could see the torch today if I was prepared to splash out something like £170 for a taxi to and from home. Yes all the people of Shetland who had the plane fare could have seen the Queen's Jubilee River Pageant. But I am sure that a lot more people would have turned up to watch the torch in Lerwick if it had been there on Saturday when buses are running.
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Hey Kavi is du sure aboot no goin, tink whit du'll miss. quote :-


One of the main vantage points for keen observers is likely to be the Clickimin Broch, where the Up-Helly-A’ jarl squad will create a guard of honour to welcome the flame.

:) :wink:


Oh bairns, it just gets worse and worse :shock:


"Floats da Raven's Banner oer wis, roond da picts castle we stand......"


Why is that worse Kavi?? What is the problem, why would it not be a good idea to have the Jarl Squad involved? UHA is one of the biggest media frenzys and attractions in the Shetland calendar that is why the Jarl Squad gets picked to do events like this.......people want to see it!


Like I said some folk post some utter pish on here excluding me of course!



My thoughts on Jarl Squads and Up-Helly-Aa are, erm, well known so I think I'll leave it at that :wink:


On a more serious note who paid for the Clickimin running track to be transformed into a party zone and how much did all that cost?.

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On a more serious note who paid for the Clickimin running track to be transformed into a party zone and how much did all that cost?.

Every pennys a prisoner? Should Clickimin have actively refused to be involved with one of the biggest and longest sporting events in the world?


Live and let live - if you can't embrace the event why not let others?


It's also unrealistic to expect the torch to cover outside Lerwick in such a small population, but it's a valid point that perhaps buses should have been put on.


Events like this are valuable to Shetland so it's worth pulling out the stops. We need positive events in a doom and gloom recession.

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Are the sponsors paying for it all or are SIC chipping in? Anyone know?


Here we go! I 'heard' on the grapevine that the SIC have stumped up £500,000 on this event but have hidden under something else to avoid scrutiny from the Shetlink keyboard warriors!


Don't quote me on that tho for god's sake!


That will be the Mareel Opening Extraganza Budget heading then ?


I do hope it is matched funding from sponsors or it won't be worth bothering with.

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