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Olympic torch


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^ The view in the eventide tends to show things in a better light, don't you think.


Ghostrider if you are talking to me I have no clue what you are on about.


...but, of course.



Apparently I have missed some " in joke" here. As I was saying does anyone know when the torch was leaving? I was curious to know. Not to mention not sure why my previous post was deleted... apparently I am too new to be aloud an opinion or view.


Like I said before my post got deleted, do I need over 1000 posts to be aloud an opinion???

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Right - rant required I'm afraid - aimed at no-one in particular and a general observation.


Unlike many, if not most, online forums, Shetlink is usually a place where people can enjoy sensible debate without the childish hellery that plagues most others.


Recently, this has been harder to say and to be perfectly honest if a thread about the visit of the Olympic Torch to the isles has to be locked or removed its nothing short of bloody pathetic.





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I would assume the torches are in Shetland the " davey lamps " would have been aboard Oscar Charlie when she left Lerwick but not sure if this is her back from the mainland or down from Lerwick. pics taken 16.47 and 17.06 :-



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Here are some interesting facts I found on the Olympic Torch Relay just to add if anyone else might enjoy them like I did.


From http://www.brighthubeducation.com/social-studies-help/107908-facts-about-the-olympic-torch/


Facts about the Olympic torch relay:


The Olympic torch relay was first held for the games in Berlin, Germany in 1936.

The first winter Olympics to have a torch relay was the 1952 games in Oslo, Norway.

The relay for the summer Olympics has always started in Olympia, Greece.

The winter relay began in Norway and Italy until the 1964 Innsbruck Games, when winter games relay also started in Olympia.

The relay begins many months before the Olympics. This gives time for the torch to pass through various cities and countries.

If the torch has to be transported on an airplane, it is placed in a special security lamp that operates like a miner's lamp.

The flame is kept in a special cauldron at night to ensure that it stays lit.

The Olympic torch is protected by strong security along the relay route due to the importance of keeping the flame lit.

The final leg of the torch relay is a lap around the stadium that hosts the Opening Ceremony. The lap ends with the torchbearer, who is typically a famous national or international celebrity or athlete, lighting the cauldron to signify that the Olympics have officially begun.

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I think that we have various debates goining on at the one time here.

In my opinion the Olympic ideals are being slowly throttled by rampant commercialism and competition by host cities/countries to out do each other. Somebody told me that the torch relay was costing £80 million in total. We could have had an all weather football/hockey pitch with our share of that cash and could still lay on a pre Olympic spree. Maybe if folk want to open up other debates about commercialism and government misuse of sport for propaganda in the olympics, world cup and europe 2012 etc. it might be interesting.

However I have to say that on Sunday, the Shetland organisers, relay particpants and public did themselves proud. Our visitors were totally amazed that volunteers in a small community could have the Lerwick Lifeboat Day on Saturday and the Olympic torch day on Sunday. Even 'Tavish the Torch' showed his versatilty as an MC and host,especially when the flaming brand refused to unflame.

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I would assume the torches are in Shetland the " davey lamps " would have been aboard Oscar Charlie when she left Lerwick but not sure if this is her back from the mainland or down from Lerwick. pics taken 16.47 and 17.06 :-


My daughter and myself took a run down to Sumburgh for 17.30 when the torch was scheduled to take off. The 2 Flybe planes then the helicopter took off for John O'Groats after a flight came in. I presume they couldn't fly direct to Stornawy for fear of offending the Wee Frees.

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Just to liven the debate up a little - someone has just rightly pointed out that there is no rash of complaints about Oscar Charlie being used to ferry "the flame" around, unlike another recent incident...


Unlike the previous Orkney occasion, I actually do think it was a waste of resources to use it. Money that's better spent saving a life.

I suppose it depends on how it was all worked out, maybe the Olympic committee paid for the service?

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