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Housing situation in the Shetlands

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Don't let the negative comments put you off.

There's some good info being posted up and, contrary to how it appears online, Shetland is a welcoming place for those who are happy to graft and pitch in with the local community.


Personally, I'd encourage anyone who's thinking of moving up here to visit in the winter (hopefully when the weathers bad). If you reckon you'll be OK with that, you'll be fine. And Summers' great......14C of greatness.


If, however the wind and long nights play on your mind..... :P


Good luck.

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^^ Naming and shaming will do noting but cause more grief and arguments, so whilst it may not be strictly against the rules, please excercise common sense and don't stoop to their level.


Polite reminder to the OP that we (moderators) are here to help if we can, and you can always let us know of any unsavory communications.

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