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work in shetland


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I cannot be bothered to copy and paste this so read it here http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=206914#206914. And if you think Shetland is for you then get booked on the boat and look for a job once you get here. A camper van is OK in the summer and you should be able to find a winter let of a holiday property once the summer has gone. Do not be bothered by negative comments about incomers. They mainly relate to incomers who want to come here and milk the system. Plenty of people have come here to start a new life and have never looked back.

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funny my memory must be playing tricks a lot of the court reports that make the paper are good Shetland names. yes there are a few drink related problems among some of the eastern Europeans but equally there are just as many drunk violent Shetlanders. please just come with an open mind and you can make it up here.

for example

Shetland Times 27th April 1889


At the Sheriff Court on Wednesday – before hon. Sheriff-Substitute Mitchell – Marion

Halcrow, Cunningsburgh, was charged with failing to provide elementary education for her

son, Simon Halcrow, aged 13 years, whereby she had contravened the Education (Scotland)

Acts 1872 to 1883. Magnus Smith, Cunningsburgh, was also charged with a similar offence,

he having failed to provide elementary education for his children, aged 9 and 12 years

respectively. Both plead not guilty, but the charges were established by the evidence

produced, and in both cases attendance orders were pronounced.

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I was going to say OP's attitude towards immigrants would be out of place and relatively unwelcome in Shetland, but some comments are making me worry I may have been wrong. Goes against all the values I was brought up with as a Shetlander.


I see one first generation immigrant on crofter's list, not "at least two". I know him, as well, and can say despite a few drink related problems he's definitely not freeloading.

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Guest Anonymous


Hmmm. Care to tell us who are the immigrants from tomorrow's list?


1 Gavin EDWARD BEY SCS/2012-067201 LE12000234 01

2 Richard Garry BRADLEY SCS/2012-045512 LE12000109 01

3 John ROBERT BURGESS SCS/2012-056600 LE11000458 01

4 Jamie WILLIAM CLARK SCS/2012-054245 LE12000266 01

5 Beverley JANE COLLINS SCS/2012-045509 LE12000089 01

6 Beverley JANE COLLINS SCS/2012-045514 LE12000120 01

7 Kevin James COULSON SCS/2012-062115 LE12000091 01

8 Trevor WILLIAM COUPER APP/2012-012670 LE11000482 01

9 Trevor WILLIAM COUPER APP/2012-012672 LE11000564 01

10 Andrew STEVEN CUMMING SCS/2012-036876 LE12000132 01

11 Paul ANDREW D'EATHE SCS/2012-047534 LE12000230 01

12 Kim DAVIDSON SCS/2012-056606 LE12000100 01

13 Christopher DUNCAN SCS/2012-061048 LE12000287 01

14 Yvonne Caroline DUNCAN SCS/2012-056604 LE12000094 01

15 Christine LORRAINE GANDY SCS/2012-062115 LE12000091 01

16 Sandra GRANT SCS/2012-036876 LE12000132 01

17 Sandra GRANT SCS/2012-067205 LE12000261 01

18 Amy MICHELLE GROAT SCS/2012-067327 LE11000386 01

19 Laura LYNN HASSAN SCS/2012-046463 LE12000228 01

20 Nicole Jeanene HASSAN SCS/2012-048586 LE12000175 01

21 Kristopher JAMIESON SCS/2012-067204 LE12000257 01

22 Alastair DOUGLAS KIRK SCS/2012-061051 LE12000290 01

23 Saban KUSMUS SCS/2012-056611 LE12000211 01

24 Martin Andrew MACDONALD SCS/2012-045507 LE12000084 01

25 Ross Ian MACDOUGALL SCS/2012-067202 LE12000241 01

26 Kenneth Brian MACLENNAN SCS/2012-056609 LE12000203 01

27 Paul Scott MILLAR SCS/2012-041154 LE12000207 01

28 Kyle Burns MITCHELL SCS/2012-056642 LE11000446 01

29 Dhanni Magnus MOAR SCS/2012-045508 LE12000086 01

30 Gordon James MORE APP/2012-013092 LE11000449 01

31 Steven Alan NICHOLSON SCS/2012-011063 LE12000034 01

32 Alan John REID SCS/2012-058348 LE12000280 01

33 Jessica LOUISE RICHARDS SCS/2012-045515 LE12000128 01

34 Violet ROBERTSON SCS/2011-168010 LE11000580 01

35 Violet ROBERTSON SCS/2012-033772 LE12000038 01

36 Violet ROBERTSON SCS/2012-067203 LE12000244 01

37 Jonathan Tait SINCLAIR SCS/2012-061049 LE12000288 01

38 Christopher Philip SMITH SCS/2012-056604 LE12000094 01

39 Kelly MARIE SMITH SCS/2012-061050 LE12000289 01

40 Ryan Alexander STEWART SCS/2012-054243 LE12000213 01

41 Malcolm WILLIAM STOVE SCS/2012-056608 LE12000173 01

42 Iain Raymond TULLOCH SCS/2012-033773 LE12000040 01

43 Wayne UREN SCS/2012-067327 LE11000386 01

44 Jason ROBERT WARRIOR SCS/2012-044958 LE12000224 01

45 Remigiusz WLASZCZYK SCS/2012-056605 LE12000098 01



How can you possibly print this list and not have it removed by the puppets?.. Oh, I see. You didn't ask for correct pronunciation of any of them.

Such a hanus crime!

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^^ Hold on a minute there my friend.. What about calamity?


No holds barred there now, is there?


The difference, I think, is that the Calamity thread was already pages long well before he got anywhere near a courthouse, coupled with the fact that the whole point of calamities court appearance was publicity, makes him fair game.

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How can you possibly print this list and not have it removed by the puppets?.. Oh, I see. You didn't ask for correct pronunciation of any of them.

Such a hanus crime!


T & Cs aside, a bit more midder wit as to what is appropriate to discuss on a public forum, respect for the mods (who let's not forget, do their job on a voluntary basis) and a lesson in online etiquette wouldn't go amiss northern.


Time was that this forum was a good place to debate the issues of the day in a grown up, adult like manner. Of late, more threads than ever seem to end up descending into the same rabble of sharn thanks usually to the same handful of regulars. It really is no wonder many of us rarely contribute nowadays.

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