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sam my son tried to get the police to do the job for him 2 weeks ago. im not excusin his conduct.  however to be told that your dearly loved son was seconds away from death is really not an experience you want to ever  have,  he wanted to die so by your reckoning thats ok. just let me say if  you knew whats its done to all his family you would not be so keen to support it. believe me its truly the worse  experience we are  going through and we have been through some nasty ones, lots of thing i want to say but cant. suicide is cruel on the family left behind  the question why can never be answered.  sorry i want to scream but i have to be brave for the others. sorry for the rant

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There is a massive difference between a teenage cry for help and a terminal ill patient wishing to end their suffering and in the latter the "why" is easily answered.


My own family and friends have been affected by suicide. 3 attempted which were undoubtedly  cries for help (family) and one successful (circle of friends), but I still respect that each individual has the right to make their own personal decision. 


I wish you and your family all the best, Paul.

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I hope there is a positive outcome from this Paul, it is sad that young folk can get them selves tangled with these thoughts and cannot see a way out. That goes for other ages as well. It is also very good of you to highlight, what is a personal event, to enable us to continue the debate. I do wish you all well.


As mentioned, there is a process that folk, who are terminally ill, can go through to decide, as we have mentioned, this evaluates all aspects of the persons health and well being and if thoughts are there of terminating life earlier than say a cancer will then, the opportunity should be there to do so in a controlled and agreed way.


Also, mental health plays a big part of this, that is why Doctors, who are able, can refuse to help. With this refusal, goes the treatment of such issues and the thoughts of before can be looked at again through a clearer window.


Thoughts are with you all Paul.

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ty. does not look good just need to wait and see. was looking at deaths by armed police. the vast majority are mentally ill people. images of the police in shoot outs with armed robbers are only 1 or 2 in more than 38 cases.  many others were shot and survived never expected to see it in this country. but you learn stuff every day.


by the way im not complaining about the armed response. it was justified.


just a shame theres nothing in between unarmed police and a swat squad flown in.  just if there was some of those folks would be alive now.

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