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Welding Short Course / Night Class?


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I was wondering if anyone knew/was running a short course/night class in welding?


I had a google and really found nothing and also did a search on here. There was someone asking the same question about 2 years ago but there didnt seem to be much going on. Is there anything running now?


Im not after learning for a job, I just want to learn a new skill and take up a new hobby.


Failing that does anyone know anybody that would be willing to teach? Or if enough people were interested could a class of some sort be organised?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Or if enough people were interested could a class of some sort be organised?

I would certainly be interested in that. I love welding, but am sharn at it. I've also never tried TIG. I wonder what the minimum number required is for an evening class to be organised?

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I dont know how to go about getting one organised or even who to speak to, hopefully someone in the know will stumble across this post and we can take it from there. Maybe a phonecall to NAFC or kinectics may help?


Im an absolute beginner, I can count on one hand the amount of times ive had a shot at ARC and MIG and never had a chance at TIG.


If enough interest is drummed up then I wouldnt mind phoning around and seeing what the crack is.

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I recently looking into this about a month or two ago and there is nothing in Shetland, nearest place is Aberdeen but it is not a short course. NAFC used to do this, but no longer. Shetland College offer the apprenticeship, but not short courses. Ocean Kinetics you need to be qualified, or again on an apprenticeship. Still trying to source appropriate course on the mainland. Would be super if it could get started again up here, quite a few people seem to be interested!

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