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Internet problems?


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Sounds like an issue personal to you


Nope, I've had the same issue for the more than 2 months, Plusnet have done f'all for me other than doo their own tests, get me to do tests and find nothing wrong..........from their end!!!


Phoned Plusnet to complain for the umpteenth time yesterday, again i've got to run tests using the BT-Speedtester(Surely more accurate). So I came online about 20mins ago, Shetlink took around 1 minute to load up and I seen these new posts so thought I would begin my tests, this is what I got -


Download speedachieved during the test was - 3.83 Mbps

For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 0.6 Mbps-7.15 Mbps.

Additional Information:

Your DSL Connection Rate :8.13 Mbps(DOWN-STREAM), 0.45 Mbps(UP-STREAM)

IP Profile for your line is - 7.15 Mbps


This is DEFINATELY NOT what i'm experiencing!! Absolutely bloody raging!!!

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By personal I meant as to it not being a Shetland-wide issue, maybe a contention-based issue on the equipment in the exchange?

I'm on the Brae one, am I right in thinking those with the ping problems are all town or south exchanges?


Chuck, not sure what you're raging about getting nearly 4Meg - or was the speedtester lying? I can't fault Plusnet for taking action on my issues, but then broken cables & corroded joints are easier to trace than these pesky "ghost in the machine" troubles.

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Yeh, i'm in town.


Everytime I do the BT test I seem to get good results but thats not what I'm experienceing. Maybe it's fluctuating and I just start the test at the wrong time but when I ran the test earlier I was definately having problems, as I said it took over a minute for Shetlink to load up, plus my earlier post took nearly the same time to go through, so I jumped off straight away, ran the test and that's the result I got :cry:


I've been with Plusnet for more than a year with no issues, but these last 12wks have been an absolute nightmare. As I've said before, the problems begin at around 8pm weeknights and weekends, always fine through the day.


If it's fine through the day then it must be the usage on the line in the evenings but I've been put on a 'Priority'(?) line for an extra £5pcm.


No idea :(

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Sounds like you need a refund for that! I used to pay extra for a low contention ratio back in dialup days, but that made a big difference. Nowadays in an area with good speeds you are very likely to have neigbours who have high usage (programmed downloads at night to take advantage of free data allowances?) so maybe a low contention may make little difference?


Strange how speedtester is overstating your line and understating mine.

I use a desktop gadget (network meter) that shows the realtime data throughput - speedtest.net is the closest to what I see, BT's tools just don't seem to record anything realistic. Oh, and they keep crashing my browser :evil:

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Chuck, given that BT and Plusnet say the same, have you looked at other possiblilities for slow loading? I mean like someone coming home at the time you give and downloading movies via wireless internet? Have you done malware checks etc? Do you have any silents downloads scheduled you have forgotten about?


If you know your ticket numbers, you can go through to Plusnet's second line of support if you are getting no joy.





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No point blaming PlusNet.


From the stats you posted, it seems that your connection is OK and that the real problem is contention (to many users on your shared connection and, all doing to much..). Not much you can do about that, Still, you are getting a reading of 4Mbs which isn't 'bad' for early evening.


Another point to consider is that speed test results can vary by the minute and, the time of day that you take them also has an effect eg;

I test my connection EVERY morning at roughly 7:45am and ALWAYS get around 6.5Mbs. If I were to run the tests every evening (around 12 hrs later), I very much doubt if it would reach the same rate.


Anyway, your reported IP Profile is 7.15Mbs which is the maximum you can get on an 8Mb connection and means that your connection to the exchange is (very probably) OK.


Just a guess but, most likely problem is that you are connected to a fully populated router at the exchange and, most of the other connections (probably yours as well) are high usage.


Shetlink slow to load... It always is (unless you disable the all adverts...)


As for the 'priority'(?) payment. It is almost wothless unless Plusnet have their own equipment in the exchange (which they don't) Cancel it....


You might also want to thoroughly examine your PC and remove any unnecessary startup items that may want to use some of your bandwidth.

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Thnks for the input guys.


I'm the only one using the line and it's passsword protected. The computer is virus free and I've been running security scans twice per week since the problems began, I also defrag twice weekly but don't know if that would make any odds.


Colin, thanks for the shout out about the extra payment, I'll cancel that today.


You also say that I'm probably connected to a fully populated router at the exchange. Is this randomly selected? Do Plusnet have any control over this? Would it be worth switching ISP?

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You also say that I'm probably connected to a fully populated router at the exchange. Is this randomly selected? Do Plusnet have any control over this? Would it be worth switching ISP?


PlusNet have no real control over the exchange connection and, IMHO, it is not worth switching ISP because the carrier will still be BT but, if you do decide to switch, AVOID TALK TALK like you would the plague.....


Best is to try and have a 'friendly chat' with one of the local BT engineers (they tend to be quite understanding and very helpfull if approached correctly). I do not know if they would be 'allowed' to help you so, no guarantees but, they might be able to connect you to a different card/port.


FWIW; I'm with PlusNet and have absolutely no problems with them at all.

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