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Internet problems?


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Feedback required please: anyone still experiencing dire speeds, especially in the evenings/at night? I noticed a very slight improvement last night but it still ain't right.


Just had a BT bod phone me and he ran tests, nothing showing wrong in their network. Course not, sez I, it tends to happen (well, for me anyway) from 5pm onwards and is lousy later on at night.


BT are going to try to get someone to call me back and run further tests at 9pm tonight.

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Yes slow and often cannot find the Internet - all lights on BT box fine. Had to close down and reboot quite a lot over the past 2 weeks or so. Last night was dire for a while.


I heard it was a problem farther south at the weekend and could take a long time to fix!

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I had one good night, that was Friday evening!! Managed to get some gaming done and I was as happy as Larry.........Sadly, back to the norm on Sunday and Monday. Slow speeds, ping through the roof and having to re-connect 2/3 times per hour.


Thanks for all you're doing US, I've given up, 3 months of calling plusnet to be told nothing is wrong has worn me down, lets hope the new set up comes through in January, at least I've got the festive and UHA to get me through till then :lol:

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ive a pointless engineers visit due on thursday. they keep insisting its the house wiring. odd for an internal fault to behave like this.


spent a good hour speaking with them yesterday. first to fix the wrong postcode on the account then to discover that the 1.5mb is to slow for there bt vision yet when i asked why the sold the service they claimed that their system said it was ok. so clearly the system sucks and later they are going to be asked for a refund for that.


3rd was their broadband dropping every few minutes. when there computer tells that this fault is on going i wish they would bypass there stupid script. yes its connected to the main box and no i dont have a box with the second plug in it. and no im not going to unwire the extensions from there box as there is nothing wrong with them. as they work perfectly when there system works.


im really getting annoyed and then to be told that if the engineer finds a fault they are going to charge us 90 quid. i wounder if he does not find anything can i charge them. bet not.



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Fine each day - but progressively gets worse every weekday evening (and also this last Sunday too...



This is 7pm and the ping is useless (usually around 56) with minimally useful transfer speeds (usually twice that speed of download)


5 minutes later we have even worse ping



and now - at 10 past 7pm the usually pathetic reduction in service - probably be this until 11pm - almost as regular as clockwork!



I am in Lerwick - if it helps to tell BT that.

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So whilst Ghostie was sitting cursing and swearing, BT were on phone as they did actually call just after 9pm. My test results started off at 6, then the next test over 5, then up again, then down to 4.11, then up again to over 5.6. They saw that there was indeed no steady speed and I explained that I was one of the few lucky ones.


They have noted the speeds, agreed there is a fault and are throwing it back at BT Wholesale. Incidentally, Ghostie reminded me it was around this time last year when more or less the same thing happened but they said there was no fault ... and then it went down completely and they acknowledged there was a fault ... and wasn't it a case of the mast on Orkney being loose? Yep, reminded BT of that too and asked them to check their records.


I know it is a total pain but please, can everyone report it (again) to their ISPs?


Oh, and note for Paulb - I'm surprised you need BTVision for the telly. Could ya not just stick a decent aerial on top of ya new wind turbine then? :wink:


Edit: PS Did advise BT of the speeds mentioned above in Lerwick and the times, etc.

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I switched on my computer at around 8pm this evening. It informed me there was an updated driver available for my graphics card, so I clicked the link to download it.


It is now 11.30 pm. The download is at 21% and forecast to take another seven hours.


The size of the download is: 210 Mb


The thing is, come midnight, the download will go from 6.5 kb/sec to around 800kb/sec and it will be completed in a few minutes.


I cannot believe the network is so congested between 6 pm and midnight, I mean what could possibly have changed up here in the last couple of months to see such a surge in demand?


There must be more to it than simple congestion.

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Download speed is at 0.02Mbps tonight. It's getting worse... (although on Friday evening I was getting good speeds for a change, bizarrely).


TalkTalk had, despite promises twartree days ago that they wouldn't, closed down the fault AGAIN, sneakily marking it as "resolved", just as they did last time. GRRRR. They have now opened YET another new ticket.


Is there anyone else we can hassle, other than our apparently utterly ineffectual ISPs?

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