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Internet problems?


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Compared to my usual of between 4 (on a bad day) and 6.5 (normal), this is just fecking taking the peewee! :evil:




Best call it in, I suppose, given I said I would to the BT chap when it got dire ... again .... mmm, what sort of 'community service' am I undertaking?

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Mine dropped too late last night but came on again... Used it this afternoon and didn't give it a thought, until I went on to play a cod4 game and had pings from 70 (normal) to 600ms.




Normally I am lucky and have a great connection, with 6-6.5 Mb. The speedtest graph was more like the himalayas. Can't do the BT speedtester.


Router stats


Downstream Upstream

Data rate(Kbps) 7328Kb 448Kb

Noise Margin 8 22

Output power(dBm) 122 199

Attenuation(dB) 36 18


I restarted it and so the data rate is lower and the SNR higher than normal.

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I know, I know, as I said I'm lucky.


Anyway I have just rung Plusnet and he confirmed my connections are all OK. He's monitoring the line for 24hrs and it's been escalated to a higher level. I told him that it's multiple exchanges and other ISPs, and the chances are it's something 'further along'.

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Test earlier showed ...






wait for it ....



"The tests would appear to indicate there is a network fault" :x :x :x


Oh, what joy, together with getting weekly reports (I asked them to stop the daily calls) I'm now going to receive text messages - there's only so much excitement I can handle! :? :? :? :?

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I told him I had restarted it earlier on and it had made no difference. He got me to do the speedtest again while the call was active to see if it made it change. He said I was the first person he had spoken to who knew what their SNR was! Don't believe that.


He got me to confirm the postcode (Z?? as in Z for Zulu??), as he had never come across it before :D

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It only started to lag at around 7 ish this evening but the night before it cut off entirely at some point and I think the night previous to that it cut off at 9 PM also.....abysmal...the sooner they get this sorted out the better for all of us as its gone on for too long!

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