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Internet problems?


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.....aaaaand as soon as most "normal right minded folk" hit the sack, its off like the proveribal B.O.O.H.....




Deja vu! How many more times do we have to put up with this self same scenario, all their cobbled together bits and pieces just cannot take swallow the load.

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This is why I normally hesitate to ring Plusnet... usually a few hours later it's fixed.


I've closed the ticket.



How do you figure it is "fixed" when it is an intermittent fault and down this end it occurs nightly? Granted, the last two nights have seen a greater drop in speed than others but nevertheless, it is dropping, spiking and deffo not remaining at a constant speed? So if tonight it drops like it did last night, will you be raising another fault?

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If it was the microwave link then everybody would have lousy speeds.


Wrong IMHO. When it was the microlink in the past my speeds would be high some of the time and low at other times (dependent upon how 'loose' the thingymajig at Orkney was and which direction it was pointing). Anyway, apart from those on Shetland Telecom/Broadband, it looks as if everyone posting on here is experiencing a significant drop in speed, are they not?

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