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Internet problems?


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^ One thing for sure, that reflective calm sea we have had nearly every night for some time along with that high pressure is now almost all gone, so no more radio link fading in the meantime of any consequence. There always will be fading on the microwave links as long as the distance between Shetland, Fair Isle and Orkney remain constant and that might be for some considerable time !

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Miracle of miracles, I have over 1Mbps this evening! :) Hoping to goodness this happens every night, it's literally 20 times better than our usual peak-time of 0.05.


Looks like they fixed something in Lerwick



BT Major Service Outages




Detected 13/12/2012 10:12

Started 13/12/2012 10:09

Actual Clear Time: 13/12/2012 10:22

Area Codes 01595, 01957

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Apparently I have a phone line problem (my broadband phone line isn't working even though I rang plusnet on it) and they want me to sort that before they do anything alse.


As expected this eve, the ping when up and the speed went down.


Guess I have to contact BT instead now!


Don't hold your breath! More than once my ISP has told me the same, that there is a problem with my line and to contact BT. BT then insist there is no problem with my line and contact my ISP. Brick wall!

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Received a call at 9.15am. Apparently, the "good news" is that the Capacity Team are now working on it and if I remembered, the issue had been 'parked' until 14 December. They will be looking at seeing how bandwidth can be increased.


My reply: I think they are talking crap (Yes, I did actually say that to the guy). 10 minute call discussing how it wasn't 'parked' until 14 December but how I was told I could be experiencing the problems until 14 December as they were working on Lerwick Exchange, etc. Further advised I lost 2 telephone calls yesterday when the radiolink faded, how I knew they were installing the new business ethernet thingy in Lerwick (or however it was described at the Northern Isles Digital Forum), how we only have so many BT Engineers in Shetland, and how they regularly tweak and balance broadband capacity. Besides, if they were looking at 'tweaking' capacity, the microlink didn't have any more and they were trying to do the equivalent of getting more cars onto the M25 from one side road without expanding the side road. Also mentioned the fact they had previously said about problems with one of their routes/cables from Lerwick playing up and explained how I was previously told about the two cables.


Blow it, I never mentioned unless the capacity team were here to 'light up' SHEFA2.


I did, however, mention that we had had high pressure which the microlink don't like.


It is going back to their manager for them to call Brendan Dick stating that I don't believe a word and that I'm sorely tempted to contact the press. Something is deffo going on. Usually when I e-mail MP and MSP they respond - this time - zilch. I wonder if they are working on SHEFA2? Or is this a case of that they couldn't fix said problem before 14 December because that was the earliest they could get a boat to look at said link in Orkney? :wink: And how come BT haven't done their usual and issued a press release re this lot of problems? Usually something is mentioned in either Shetland News or Shetland Times.


Whatever, come the end of January if we ain't on SHEFA2 then OFCOM here I come. I've an outstanding fault that has had no response from their Complaints Team since MAY when I asked for resolution by hooking into SHEFA2. BT announced Shetland would be linked to SHEFA2 during December or by end January - he'd better be right.

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Maybe capacity was increased at Lerwick.


Plusnet query on BT exchanges still says Jan-March for ADSL2+, but the record was last updated in August so may be useless.


What was the connection like for non-Lerwick people last night? I had high ping again but the speed was fine.


Now it's great, tonight, well we'll see.


Shri in India says my BT phoneline has no problems.

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