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Internet problems?


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I ma on ADSL2+, i'm on the Plusnet network for now, i have a Buffalo Airstation, went into the router and changed the modulation to ADSL2+. Spoke we the Plusnet guys and they confirmed that I was on ADSL2+, i'm 2 miles from the Lerwick exchange. Speed hasn't changed but the QoS is spot on (so far), no outtages at all...


My brother-in-law is very close to the Lerwick exchange, he's with BT and his connection has gone from 8mbps to 19.5mbps, jammy git...

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My internet has not been working for days I contacted BT then the following day it worked again, however progressively slowed down as the day continued until it completely died Christmas Eve in the early evening, very annoying!


BT call centres in India are useless and a little patronising adding to the experience, so this time I emailed through the details from out with my house.

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Well, my ping is still going through the roof and my download speed is still shocking after 8pm at night.


I've just got off the phone with a guy at Plusnet and requested to be shifted over to this ADSL2, as mentioned above.


He said that was no problem and that I would receive an email stating the date when I would be moved. He said that if people don't request to move then they will be shifted over in bulk lots, which could take 2-3 months. There is also NO £11 charge, BT do not charge them for the shift so Plusnet do not charge their customers.


Hopefully this will cure my problems of the last 4 months! I will not hold my breath though.




Well, 2 days after this post, something happened!!!


My internet has been great EVERY night :lol: :lol: :lol:


As I've said before, my PING was the biggest problem, as I like a bit of online gaming on the PS3 but it always went through the roof every night after 7/8pm, making any online gaming impossible.


Not now though. I think it's the best connection I've ever had and I'm once again a Black Ops beast :lol:


I'm assuming I've been switched to ADSL2 but i've still had no email from Plusnet. Maybe I've not been switched over but others have so freeing up some bandwidth??? No idea but hope it stays like this :lol:


Hope the rest of you get cured shortly!


Merry Chrimbo everyone :wink:

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Have been experiencing problems with TalkTalk for over a month now despite reporting problem several times. Typical speed 0.13Mbps download, 0.36Mbps upload and ping rates all over the place.


When BT completed their work on new line, speed increased to 2.87Mbps download for two days now it's back to 0.13 so they're obviously screwing around with something despite their claims it's not their fault.

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