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Internet problems?


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I see Shetland Telecom applying for planning permission to convert the Grantfield toilets & the Lochside toilets into hubs.


Never saw these buildings on the market for sale,but I may have missed it.


Always thought that Clickamin Centre should have taken over the Lochside toilets but obviously they do not want them.

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Think it would have better served the community as a toilet :lol:


I couldn't agree more but the Council was going to spend money on getting them demolished.


We needed space for servers. So to avoid additional expense of putting up buildings we decided that converting the toilets would be the best plan and would save money all round. On our network they are called Bloomsbury (postcode WC1) and Aldwych (WC2).

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Time to play "beat this"....AGAIN!


I just did:




Call logged with BT - they are running tests but so far, nothing is flagging as having failed.


Could it be that Glusstonberry has nicked all the bandwith and is hogging SHEFA? :wink:

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A team from this lot were in Shetland last week. I was at their meeting but I had to leave early due to another committment. In the short time I was there they were being given no cause to doubt that broadband in Shetland is not up to scratch. Their questions are here



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Due to emergency work on Faroese Telecom’s network, there will be an outage to all customers connected to Shetland Telecom’s fibre network tonight from 10pm to 2am.


There was a break in the SHEFA2 cable on Friday morning south of Orkney. All Shetland Telecom traffic was successfully diverted on to FARICE1 (resilient route) which connects Faroe and Iceland to the UK. Faroese Telecom are now having to do emergency work on this route (FARICE1) which will mean that all customers connected to Shetland Telecom’s network will be without service from 10pm tonight until 2am. We have been assured that the work is critical.


Shetland Telecom wishes to apologise to all customers.





NB – Customers include community broadband schemes in Vidlin, Fetlar and West Burrafirth.

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