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Internet problems?


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Is Mr Dick aware of these Shetlink threads,


He could see them as representing less than 0.5% of the population.


As far as I am aware, they know about the problems, I do not think he will sign a multi million pound cheque soon.

The imaginative posts show that island life comes with problems.

Folk had already turned down another offer because it was too expensive, it was mentioned earlier. How much will you pay and how much should other folk pay? How much will BT profit?

There is a possibility that connections may improve with the expansion of the area the MCA are proposing Shetland Coastguards. At the meeting with the MCA they admitted there were problems, there were however 3 lines so to speak.

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I have contacted BT and they say that the problems are weather related.


Yes and I was told if it was not weather then, that now regularly used problem, a ship using its satellite comms.


Mr BT, ships have been using satellite comms for 30 years. So, it is surprising that this has suddenly become such a regular problem for you ?


If this is a real proven fact, and not just some theory plucked out of thin air, you should get OFCOM to do something.

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I'm in town, thats pretty much what mines been all day, no youtube, iplayer, ps3 and waiting an age to get on any sites.


Phoned plusnet, they wanted me to do the usual crap saying that the line from the exchange to my house was perfect, explained it was something to do with BT's line and that this was affecting many households all over Shetland and to get on the phone to BT, he logged the complaint and will contact BT, what more can you do.


I've noticed my broadband getting gradually worse over the last couple of weeks.

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Well it can't be the weather unless I live off island!


If all of Lerwick is bad I guess the ship thing would make sense. I don't know anything about harbours and boats, so could be way off base here, but would it be possible to get the harbour master to contact the ships in port and remind them to turn off whatever it is that's on?


In Plusnet's defence, I imagine they haven't thought about ships in harbours when sorting out support calls...



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DK, our exchange has been terrible for most of the day until late this evening. It took four attempts for me to download sound files 'cleanly' without them getting corrupted.


BT have actually got Lerwick listed on their website service status page as having a fault:-


"Dialling codes affected: 01595, 01806,01950 and 01957

23:30 - Atmospheric conditions affecting radio link; investigations ongoing."


In other words, it is the fog.


The internet is positively whizzing along right now - but for 99% of the day, it has been (insert lots and lots of swear words). It made no difference if I was out and about with laptop/mobile/using hot spots or anything.


Oh, and the fog is still present ... but most peeps are in bed hence a decent speed right now.

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I don't know how you display the Speetest result above


This is the pitiful state of play in Lerwick this morning - Demon/Thus ISP

Last night from around 5.30 pm lost internet altogether


YIP!!! Same here, logged a complaint with Plusnet, the tried the usual of check/buy new filters, BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I said I'd be doing none of there test, explained there were major problems all over and that BT are at fault. I told him to get an engineer out which will be a 72hr wait, for all the good that will do.


I'm no fancy pants we getting the display up so i'll link mine below :lol:



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DK, our exchange has been terrible for most of the day until late this evening. It took four attempts for me to download sound files 'cleanly' without them getting corrupted.



I know you are having problems US. I am on the same exchange (Sumburgh) and I have had no problems for a while now. So it's not the whole exchange, maybe just the bit you/your area, is connected with is faulty?


As I asked before, how can the fog/radio link be at fault when some of us have good internet? Wouldn't it make everyone bad at the same time (except obviously with other connection types - lucky council etc).


[To post results, do Speedtest, click 'share this result', click little 'forum' tab, click copy button.]




I know that I am one of the lucky ones, if I had as bad a connection as most seem to have here I would be screaming in frustration too. I would dearly like BT to use the subsea cable they are leasing capacity on, or for a miracle and everyone be connected via Shetland Telecom.


In the mean time, I like trying to figure out why things don't work. I'm sure the BT announcement is due to the fact people have complained so it has shown up as a reported fault.


Plusnet says:

Update Number 4

Detected 02/08/2012 16:15

Started 02/08/2012 14:30

Anticipated Clear Time: 03/08/2012 16:00


Maybe, maybe not :)

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