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Internet problems?


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I am with plusnet and my broadband has been slow but the main problem is the broadband works for a few minutes then stops for a while, I don't have too reset anything too get it working again, it just starts working by its self.

I am fairly confident there is nothing wrong with any off my wiring and equipment, has anyone been experiencing the same problems?

Exactly the same.  Not all the time.  Can go for days without a problem but equally can have days when I have half a dozen (or more) drop outs in a hour.  Fairly confident that the problem is with BT rather than Plusnet even though I pay Plusnet for my internet.  One day I will get irritated enough not to try calling support (been hard to get through lately) but to call sales demanding a mac code.  At least BT would give me 6 months free internet.


Use http://www.samknows.com/broadband/broadband_checker to identify what types of connections you can get. In Shetland we are limited by BT as no other ISP wants to spend the money putting there own equipment in the exchanges to unbundle them and allow for better speeds. So almost all ISP's are piggybacking on BT's equipment, if you are having a fault it is down to BT and when you try and resolve it you are stuck speaking to your ISP acting as a middleman.

Lerwick has 1 LLU operator that has unbundled the exchange, which is TALKTALK and I can confirm that I get speeds of 13Mbs or 15Mbs if I tweak my SNR values.


I am with TalkTalk and the download speeds are pathetic, so I am interested to know how you tweak SNR values to see if it makes any difference.  Customer support is non-existant


what area do you live in?

what type of router do you have?

who supplies your phone line?

what type of phone sockets do you have?

how many phone sockets?

are you plugged in to the master socket?

how many computers are connected to your router?

Is anybody else thats connected stealing all the bandwidth by downloading torrents etc?

Are all questions you need to answer before looking at trying to tweak SNR values.

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TalkTalk BB through a BT line averages approx 50% of the download speed compared to BT BB through a BT line at the same location (approx 3 miles from the exchange). Drop outs are significantly higher with TalkTalk than BT.


Plus points, ping is usually around about as good as BT, and TalkTalk seem to usually be more aware of issues their end causing outages, and fix them within a reasonable period of time without needing to be contacted. Than BT and the trail of tears of being passed around for an eternity and nobody admitting to knowing nothing that seems to be their norm.

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Perhaps some further information and context would help the op understand your statement. This isn't Facebook one-liner dirge heaven remember ;) ... it's Shetlink; a place of reasoned debate!

I think Ghostie has posted several times in this thread over the last 12 or so pages ... He's on Talktalk, I'm with BT.  Same exchange.  I was with TalkTalk in London and also BT in London - both were absolutely dire.


Lerwick will get good speeds on most networks but you have TalkTalk outwith Lerwick and I'll be amazed if they are better than BT.

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I recently, out of desperation caused by the dire service of the past few months, moved my phoneline and router to the master socket. The router is a new one that is more sensitive than the last and was dropping the connection a fair bit which pushed me to try this as a permanent measure.


Due to the poor location of the master socket I also invested in some boosters that work via the electricity main, 3 with just ethernet ports and one with a wireless booster. Got to say its made a difference so my own internal phone network must be a little ropey, still getting some slow speeds but minimal dropping of connection and the ethernet connections work noticeably better than the wireless did previously.

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OK can anyone explain this is simple terms.  I have constant little drop outs which are making me think of going to Tooway or whatever.  Got a decent router and new microfilters.  Main socket is less than a metre from the router and is connected via a surge protector.  Newish BT cordless phone also connected to the surge protector and I have another phone connected to the surge protector via a 5m cable.  Need this as the fancy BT cordless will not work when the power is off.


Whatever could also mean Shetland Library for internet access since I am totally pissed off with drop outs.  BTW line "speed" around 2.8mbs and fairly stable when i have a connection.

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