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Internet problems?


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I find it hard to believe that Tavish is wanting to give our money to Faroe.


Basically because Talk Talk are such a tight company that they did not want to pay for a back up service like the other users of the cable.

Because Faroe Telecom just threw the cable out the back of a ship,in a busy shipping/fishing area,with the hope that nothing would damage it.

Faroe the the same island group that screw us at every turn,do we still have our hard earned money invested in the Smyril Line?

I would like to see him justify it to the hard working fishermen.

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Still no phone or internet. BT are taking over my line on Tuesday. Be interesting to see is Post Office broadband charge me for the last 2 weeks of non-service.

Pigs will fly when any of these companies compensate for the crap service over the last week or so.


I'm with BT and normally get around 6mb, although I've noticed this dropping more during peak times over the last three months or so. Also noticed that the Ping speed, which was normally around 65 has nearly doubled to around 120.


Although speeds remained good for a few days after the cable break, it suddenly dropped considerably, now at 10 am getting speeds around 6mb with 124ping but at 10pm only getting 0.6mb with a 540 ping. Been like that for a good few days now despite being told I'm not affected as the cable break is not affecting my service. Yeh dat'll be right. Finding honest info is near impossible fae ony o dem.


I feel sorry for those without any Internet or phone line though or the likes of Ghostie who has crap speeds most of the time. Last night reminded me of the old dial up days but at a lot more cost.

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TalkTalk claiming that tomorrow broadband will be go through Shefa-2 .


It'll take more than words to make me believe that. I have serious doubts that TT ever stopped using the microwave link and moved to SHEFA ever - more like the others leaving the microwave for SHEFA freed up a bit of extra space on it allowing TT's service to improve a little.

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Cable fixed at 2.15pm today

It may be fixed but it ain't working correctly for sure , my pings this afternoon are up to 2400 m/s and download speeds of a pathetic 0.14 Mbps . Maybe someone somewhere at BT needs to turn a switch on ? Online gaming , Skype etc are impossible , turning into a ******* joke this supposed service (Not yours Marvin , BT's).

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