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Internet problems?


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Yea mine was ok like 1 in the morning, able to stream netflix easily in HD. Person at BT said try changing my DSL filter and it may fix it after 24hours....like wtf?

I got a similar response from BT despite me trying to convince them there was a major outage affecting people across the isles. What I can't understand is why in this day and age do we need to inform BT there is a problem, you would think they would be able to tell when things ain't working. They don't even believe you when you do tell them.

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They have major, major problems with the fibre link just off Orkney - all the optical amplifiers have tripped and they are having to splice the cable at least once - last update I saw was predicting 10:00 tomorrow - but that might be optimistic

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This is the info available from a bt customer site



We currently have 18 ongoing issues and 3 resolved issues.

If you can't see an issue for your area; you can enter your Broadband Number here to perform a personalised check.




Sun 25/05/2014 at 00:10

Broadband problem in the Shetland Island area

Dialling codes affected: 01595, 01806 & 01950


Estimated time to resolve 26/05/14 10:00

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Yep, it now says 18:00, there was a facebook post where nearly everyone in the brae area was having the same issue with roughly 0.05 speeds. We may not have the largest of customer base here in shetland but as the Bt is the only exchange we can use we are forced to put up with what ever they do.

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Just seen this update on TalkTalk service centre.



Total Loss of Service

In progress In progress | Issue No: 30303
Engineer: Other

This customers exchange is currently experiencing an outage. Voice, Data and TV services are affected. Our Engineers are aware of the issue and are currently investigating.

LATEST UPDATE: contrary to our previous update BT have advised that there will be no engineers on site until 09:00hrs tomorrow morning. A team of Experts will be catching the 06:00hrs ferry and should be on site at 09:00hrs. We will continue to liaise with BT regarding he repair work and further updates will be provided as soon as available.

Services affected: Phone, Broadband, TV

Assigned date



No estimated fixed date



Have just called the landline from work however, and I am now getting my answer machine, where as before it just went to a steady tone (rather than redirecting to my mobille). Good job I didn't buy that 3g modem yet, however there may be one being ordered tomorrow for next day delivery. 6GB on EE should last me a week or so (Should maybe be fixed by then???)...

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I learnt the hard way with my 3G router switch off the auto-update on everything!

Currently watching HD movies on our connection with no problem so have to ask have they actually figured out what the problem is? If our broadband (EE & PlusNet) is fine (ping's a little high 100ms), why are people closer to the cable so badly affected?

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