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Internet problems?


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Not sure if this affecting anybody but a Faroese website is reporting a break in the SheFa cable.




It says it happened sometime after midnight and is between Orkney and Scotland.


Although no-one knows what the cause is yet, I despair of the number of Scottish fishing boats I see working in the direct, immediate areas of the cable.


And it's not as if they don't know about it. It's marked on all the charts.

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One thing I have noticed in the past few weeks is that the BBC website is very difficult to get onto at times. I suspect the World Cup and the Commomwealth Games are to blame. At the start of the World Cup it was very poor in the evenings but it got better as the competion went along and was ok on nights there weren't any games.


It has been the same the past couple of days since the Commonwealth Games started. It was really slow before 5pm today, then picked up. I suspect due to people watching the games at work then logging off to go home. There wasn't this problem with the Olympics. I blame the number of people who now able use phones and iPads to be online all the time.

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