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Lloyds TSB/Co-operative Bank


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What's folks reactions to this? Also has anyone received a letter from Lloyds TSB about this? I've not so far. On one hand I would've preferred to hear by email/letter from them than read it in the news but on the other hand that's all the letter would have said so possibly waste of paper/time.


I am really glad that the staff will be retained.


Sorry if it's in wrong bit, wasn't sure if here or Consumer Advice was best place.

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As far as I'm aware, it's not going to happen until next year.


This is a link about it, FAQs at the bottom



List of all branches changing here


My branch is actually still down south, and isn't one changing, so if I need any counter service I will have to go to RBS.


I think I would have gone with Co-op should my south branch had changed. Lloyds cannot suggest to you to change. You are free however to take your business anywhere you like.

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I for one welcome the Coop takeover. The Coop is an ethical bank unlike the rest.


Agree, we are slowly moving our bank accounts (4) to the Co-Op, as we have co-signatures, it is a longish process. I have been thinking of changing my self, I am happy that my branch is in Lewick, not so keen on the Australian involvement.

Careful consideration required.

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