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I like to shop for goods locally but two instances of town centre shop keepers who are lacking in the art of being pleasant human beings tempted me to go back to selling on Ebay and buying from the internet. However the EXCELLENT service from George Robertsons restored my confidence in local traders and I thought it would be good to be positive and say THANKS!

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As I said on a thread before, you can't please all the people all the time :wink:


Go Geordie Robertson's, great shop, great service and great after sales. Never had an issue shopping there and also the Camera Centre, they're up there also.


In fact, apart from Bolts Electrical a couple of years ago I've never really had any issue shopping in town, yes you do get the odd sales person who may seem a bit off but at the end of the day we're all human it's just they seem to get scrutinised and complained about on MoanLink more than anyone else, in my opinion. As for Bolts Electrical, I still shop there, i'm very easy going and don't hold onto bad shopping experiences. :wink:


Touchy women, the whole male population is against them!!!!........blah blah blah :wink:

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The craft shop staff are really helpfull, even advised a lower price item that was more suitable for what I needed.

LBC great and Hayes, especially both carrying out the Ovoids to the car which is greatly appreciated.

As mentioned before Geordies will give advice and it is an alladins cave with most things there.

Thanks to all of you!

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There's a whole lot of businesses that bend over backwards to provide excellent service and many are a real pleasure to visit.


Geordie's DIY, LBC, Robertson and Peterson, Robinson and Morrison, Planticrub, George Robertson, Camera Centre, the Vets ...

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