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Local retailers who charge an extra fee if you use your debit card for under £10 really need to think again! This just puts your punters off. Yes I know all about the banks charges, but if you put off customers you could end with no bank charges i.e. no business. Why don’t you try negotiating with your bank e.g. no bank charges for transactions of £10 or less. If that fails lobby our MP & MSP and let them know your issues and concerns.


The banks charge a fee as you've mentioned, there is no negotiation, that's just the way it is and always has been - until that changes why should the retailer have to foot the bill for your visit? on a small purchase the profit could actually be less than the bank charges!

With the way merchant bank services generally work; the less you put through in overall card transactions the higher the percentage they charge.

Plus a lot of small retailers have a dial up terminal and may have a small charge for the authorisation phone call


Poor response to issue...as I’ve said...they need to think before charging us for using cards...and move out of the ‘Retail Dark Ages’ ! ...otherwise they a ‘doomed’ and will eventually fail!

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Can't understand folk who complain about shops charging for using cards for anything under £10 tbh. Usually its 50p.......come on if you can't be assed to go and get cash out from the bank why should a shop foot the bill for you're laziness??


Anyway, the street seemed quite busy tonight and the shops I were in all had great service and smiley faces, thumbs up from me!

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fionajohn wrote:

I had a shop so I know all about business bank charges but what annoys me is the shops that charge even if you spend £100 IMO bank charges are a legitimate expense and should be factored into the profit margins



What shop charges you for spending that amount of money?


hillswick shop charges on all transactions and i think alex morrisons also

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WHAT for a £100 shop???......actually don't believe you! :roll:
I am sure there is at least one shop that charges a fee for credit cards regardless of the amount but cannot remember which one.


Is it maybe da checkoot in scalloway? Im sure I got charged dere a couple o months, had spent atween £10 and £20 - and dey widna let me get any cash back eider!!


On da excellent service point - a big thumb up for da wife in frank williamsons,very helpful, no pushy but lots o good suggestions an patience!

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