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Dammit, I'm not quite technologically minded enough for this. I was on Shetlopedia earlier, looking at JAS's politics pages, but now when I try to go back to Shetlopedia, Spyware Doctor says that a file on my computer is trying to communicate with the page and it's blocking it. The risk is low - Adware - but I don't like it, and I'm not keen to disable the block if there's something going on.

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As Oddrun says, Flock is the answer. I changed from Firefox about 2 years ago because Firefox was a pain in the rear on a lot of sites.


Flock is basically a copy of Firefox, but without the bugs.

Interestingly Flock have said that they won't be upgrading to any of the things in the newest version of Firefox because it's got more problems.

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I just use awld trusted Internet Explorer, never done any fault!


Waiting 3 minutes for most ebay pages to load, and locking up solid if you back up more than a few times in a row on ebay aren't "faults"?? :?


Hmmm....You may be right, they're probably ebay faults, if anything is worse at writing programs than Bill Gates, its ebay. Get both together though, and you have hell on earth. :evil:

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Hi Malachy,


Thanks for letting us know about the problem. Sorry for the delay in replying, but I only saw the message today.


I'm not seeing the same issue, but I'm looking into it. I'm not sure why you'd get an adware warning, there is definately no adware on the website. Could you please email me (admin at shetlopedia.com) with the exact error message so I can look into it for you?


It's worth trying Ghostrider's suggestion of deleting the cookies in your browser in case one of them has become corrupted. Please let me know if this works.


I've tried going through Firefox and it works fine for me. I also have Spyware Doctor installed as well. I'll look into it though and I'll try to replicate the problem; but so far I've had no luck.


Let me know how you get on with deleting the cookies. Also, could you try going directly to




and see if that works.




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does anybody know whether one can download a photo from Shetlopedia?


For the purpose of showing the council (has to do with planning permission etc.) how I would want to renovate the Haa of Funzie we downloaded two pics of the Haa from Shetlopedia for creating a before and after image. My own photos were not suitable.


I was going to ask first whether it is allowed but could not find any contact email.


Any ideas?


[***Mod edit - merged to Shetlopedia thread***]

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JustMe is right about the two colour pics on the Shetlopedia Haa of Funzie page, they're Heimdal's. A quick PM via the Shetlink profile link, or via his details on Shetlopedia, asking to use them is the best way to go.


The two b&w pics are the property of the Shetland Museum and Archives, and watermarked as such. Shetlopedia has conditional use of them, which doesn't include the right to grant permission to anyone else to use them. If you wanted any of those, you'd need to contact the Museum & Archives themselves.

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