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Parish Cup Final 2012 Unst v Whitedale

Dusty Rhodes

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Whitedale
    • Unst

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Lowest standard?? neither team had an easy ride to the final. They both played and defeated teams that were meant to beat them.


I think the final will be close and that will make it a better game.


would you rather go and watch a game where you knew Delting or Whalsay were going to win easily??

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Unst V Whitedale??? The lowest cup final standard in years.


Whitedale to win 2 -0.


Whitedale are currently joint top of the A League with a majority of these players (6 I believe) playing in the parish cup team.


Unst with all their 'origin' players back can put out a team that would rival the top teams in the A league, no question!


Obviously a derision that has no real football knowledge trying to shoulder badge its way into this topic.

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Great result for Unst, who in the end were delighted by the win but perhaps slightly disappointed by their overall performance as it was felt that tehy never got the ball down and played the football which they can produce and produced in the semi.

Both teams did however fight extremely hard and the game had everything, goals, sending off, penalties, bookings, hard tackles etc. A real advertisement for the Parish cup and really shows why the competition is so highly thought of.


And the fans were brilliant- what an attendance. A few people have said more people were their than at the county games over the last 2 years....


All in all, great day and night for Unst :D

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