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Shetland words..... (that could be swear words...)


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I remember getting stopped by a foreign tourist who was meeting someone at what sounded like the broch. As we were at south lochside i merely pointed to it.

"no no, broch broch" he said to which i pointed again, "yes, that is the broch there". it wasn't until someone else came by that we realised he was meeting someone in baroq. :oops:

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I mind whin I wis a right peerie bairn me great uncle ayeways said dit somethin he didna agree wi wis da aeshins o sh**e, an hit took me dunkish years ta realise dat aeshins = height..... weel literally hits da highest pert o a gable o a hoose... so whit I tought ment da essense o dirt, was really da height o it.... still maks me gaff! :P

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