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Skull - Cry Die


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Watch and listen





Reggae artist Skull (former member of the disbanded Stony Skunk) has announced that he’ll be making his first comeback in three years since his discharge from the army.


For those unfamiliar with his achievements, Skull released his debut single in the States, “Boom Di Boom Di“, which ranked third on Billboard‘s R&B and Hip Hop singles sales chart, 16th on the hot singles sales chart, and 84th on the hot songs chart. Skull recently left YG Entertainment for Cho PD‘s label, Brand New Stardom.


His first solo mini-album features the participation of Rohan Marley and Spragga Benz. Spragga Benz especially showed much effort in helping Skull out by taking time off from his busy world tour to help him in both his music recordings and music video filmings.




As I have previously stated on the forum - like Skull, a number of our Police and Soldiers are beginning to wake up to the NWO....


Please play your part and make a difference - pass the video link onto as many others as possible.


Thanks and gratitude.

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yea word, i just gave 5 minutes of my time to sign up to this site that i will most likely never visit again, just to give you one more intelligent reply than the previous. This was this first search result in goggle, when i wanted to download this track. choice, thanks for sharing, good song with an important message. but ignorance is bliss, so im off to watch TMZ then get me some macdonalds yeeha!

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