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have i notised a creaping fat pavment come back in its return? the council seem to be into fat pavements all over the place, in the name of saftey of course! only thing is folk just ignore it and go just as fast through a smaller place, which actualy makes it more dangerous than it was before.


just watch the one at the gilbertson park gates and the number of folk that drive over the lot completley ignoring the lines etc.


On the Knab Road though i couldn't remember if it was fat in the first place?

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Hi Fusion. Da Knab Road FAT pavement is actually there for safety. (Though you widna ken dat by da numpties dat park on da pavement) Roughly 30 year ago there was a fatal accident at dis junction more dan likly due to very poor visibility. For aboot twenty years the wan way system was reversed, da junction by da Cemetry entrance wisna muckle better. So da cooncil pit in a fat pavement. Not perfect by any means but better dan it wis.

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How much money do you have to spend on idiot car drivers?


If drivers were to show some respect, you would not need these sorts of measures.


We wouldn't need police, either, as we would all be living in a utopia of caring, respectful folk.


But until then we need enforcement and measures to combat idiots.

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thanks for the info, im not convinsed that fat pavments or bottle knecks do anything on roadsafty, unless you meet another car and you cant realy fit through the space without going slow. All other times the daft drivers just bomb through the middle with no difrence to them at all.


Stand at the 'pregnant' pavement on Gilbertson park that is the daftest roadmarkings iv'e ever seen in my life and just watch the cars go right doon the middle.


The bottle knecks at the Espanade make no diffrence eather. both areas i have never heard of any accedents in the past- unless anyone else knows??


(Although i think its a ploy by living lerwick and the harbour trust to make it as hard to get there as they can. Or so you buy a ticket to go on the peir!)


I think someone in Roads and Transport had nout else to do!!

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