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Whit'na plane wis yun ?


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Today's pick, a visit from this Diamond DA-42 Twin Star G-DGPS :-


Diamond DA-42 G-DGPS IMG_6641 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

the inevitable Fokker 50 PH-JXJ :-


Fokker 50 PH-JXJ IMG_6649 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

and an update on the massive Xbloc's for the runway repair works :-


Xbloc production IMG_6659 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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I tak my kep aff tae these guys, if they're no awa in da hert holl o da nicht they are constantly on excerise. Today after an exercise with the Norrona off Sumburgh Head they did their standard " man in the water " recovery here in the West Voe of Sumburgh. :-


S92 G-MCGB IMG_6827 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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No worries, maybe next time!.


It seems she caused quite a bit of excitement :)




Well this is the best that GoogleTranslate could manage (best guess was Icelandic), so I'm none the wiser as to how much excitement there was. Not sure if "sorrowful wailing" constitutes excitement... :?


In ravines, toe Norröna was prevented framvið Hetlandi, she married Einar visiting av av tyrlunum in Shetland Coastguard. The number was about one bjargingarvenjing and hesaferð sailed Norröna 20 mi and one can Achieve Perfection alone were 15 m / s. Men That was straight trupulleiki, fortelur Henrik Hammer, Exchange.


-To throw at tyrlan was big, so she finished øgiliga sorrowful wailing at mannerera. Tyrlu Ship conductors are Sera dugnaligir winner Henrik Hammer with Portalin.


Vit-hava javnan venjingar av hesum stroke, one can Achieve Perfection Men's Ikki altíð talking about so large tyrlur, some Hesa. Tad is eisini occur that we hava havt Bruk Shetland Coastguard stations, toe we were a pocket, so one can Achieve Perfection is both good and neyðugt that potential exists for that routine eisini, fortelur Henrik.


Palliative venjingar eisini be done in the Föroyar Føroyskt tyrlum.

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