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Whit'na plane wis yun ?


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A broad mix of aircraft into Sumburgh yesterday, included this Mooney M20K 231, this Cessna 182P Skylane and a Piper PA-34-200T  :-

14525608128_e726f7e133_c.jpgAircraft Sumburgh IMG_6385 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


.. and the regular Saab 2000 G-LGNP departing runway 33 was making some interesting vapour trails due to the high humidity  :-

14715547105_4ac6e3db03_c.jpgSaab 2000 G-LGNP IMG_6440 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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Some recent visitors to Sumburgh. This lovely sounding Cessna 310 American registered N1909G seen here landing on runway 33 at Sumburgh :-

14907132436_b8eda044e9_c.jpgCessna 310 IMG_7814 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


and yesterday these two Royal Danish Air Force helicopters, this Westland Lynx S-134 :-

14910613896_5e77a088a3_c.jpgRDAF Lynx IMG_7855 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


and this  AS550C2 Fennec P-276 :-

14747155907_9dac8293a3_c.jpgRDAF AS550C2 IMG_7873 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


More pikters on Flickr...

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Time to reflect at what happened a year ago today when a Super Puma came down near Garth's Ness tragically resulting in the loss of four lives. At Sumburgh today :-

14826120809_e228ce1166_c.jpgGarth's Ness  Flypast  IMG_8409 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


15009692851_1a3886cde2_c.jpgG-MCGB Fly-past IMG_8399 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


14826047369_d488b7052e_c.jpgG-REDO Fly-past IMG_8404 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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