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Whit'na plane wis yun ?


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Another Bond S92 I hidna seen at Sumburgh afore. Bond S92A G-VINL :-

16335187073_782574349b_c.jpgBond S92A G-VINL IMG_7695 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


Inbound to Sumburgh was this Bristow Puma G-ZZSI :-

16767862620_2a22b5a300_c.jpgBristow Puma G-ZZSI IMG_7721 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


and a shot of a regular visitor on landing approach runway 09 Sumburgh, this Eastern Airways Saab 2000 G-CIEC :-

16954368492_a1385af605_c.jpgSaab 2000 G-CIEC IMG_7672 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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Thank you for posting that, amazing.

Amazing man!


When I worked in Shetland Catch in 1993, it was said that a part of the Baader herring filleting set-up had been invented by a Shetlander;

I was told it was the short, 'rough sandpaper-like' conveyor that shakes from side to side and turns the fish so they are all heading for the opening slips 'head-first'.

A very simple idea that allowed the machine to be operated a lot faster,

using the inventor's knowledge of fish anatomy and how the scales all lie one way.


Was that Jim o' Berry?


And did he also invent a mussel-rope pegging device?

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