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Whit'na plane wis yun ?


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Some recent visitors to Sumburgh, today this German registered Cessna TR182 D-EGUT :-

17545449354_8b7cd59d66_c.jpgCessna TR182 D-EGUT IMG_9295 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr

also all too regular the Air Ambulance Beech 200 G-SASD :-

17547353893_a43fd8313c_c.jpgBeech 200 G-SASD IMG_9298 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr


and Loganair's latest Saab 2000 G-LGNS :-

17923891898_c4df85c08d_c.jpgSaab 2000 G-LGNS IMG_9172 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr

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That's right hjasga, as I understand it most of the " purple " Saab 340's we are seeing so far are cosmetic jobs only, the only one I believe to be fully refurbished so far is LGNA  which has been out of service for a couple of days but I am glad to say back in business this morning.

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