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Whit'na plane wis yun ?


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Is dis da SIC Air Islander its snoarin aboot wir lugs eenoo, been at it fur an hoor's time ur mair gyaan roond an roond a circles. Doin laundin practice? Whit ails Tingwal, ir da Motorsport eens invaded im an taen im ower seein is dey widna slip dem lowse wi da Onst een?


A boddy cud be tempit ta tink parrafin wis shape and da Cooncil hed plenty o' money. :wink:

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^^^ :) Surely missed oot on aa yun ! Maybe " Brewsie " come back tae do a peerie grain o maintenance and just makin sure sho wiz aaricht. :wink:


No muckle action daday idder dan da Bond Rescue Puma G-REDO, sho wiz snoarin awa her usual :-


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Flying in to Sumburgh today was this Air Greenland King Air OY-PCL on route I believe to Kevlavik in Iceland :-



Also quite a few of these but didna quite catch their serial numbers :-



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