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Whit'na plane wis yun ?


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Taking off from Sumburgh today this Fairchild SA-227AC OY-BJP ( the mail plane ) Did anyone see the the astounding acrobatic display from the Eurofighter at Sumburgh today ? Absolutely fantastic ! :shock:


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I had just come out of the airport building when it went overhead.

How low was it? Then that amazing climb followed by a roll.... And the sound!


I wished it would come over again, but no such luck. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time for once.

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Departing from Sumburgh today this Danish Air Transport ATR 42-300 LY-ARI



and a regular, this Saab 2000 G-CERZ :-


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Fitba team visiting Sumburgh today, Dash 8 G-KKEV :-


and lining up for landing on runway 33 tonight this workhorse Saab 340 G-LGNL :-



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G-CGOC Oscar Charlie was caught by a heavy snow shower while on exercise today but I am sure all good practice :-



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^ da batsman ?

The Danish Air Trasport ATR 42 OY-CIR on her landing run :-


and the Royal Dutch Coastguard Dornier 228 PH-CHC makes up a colourful duo :-


The ATR 42 haed a bit o a hill climb on departure :-


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