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Polycarbonate Sheets

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Might be worthwhile giving Andrew Tait a call. He's not a stockist, but usually has a sizeable stock of all sorts of interesting sheeting for his CNC machining business in Burra.




The contact page seems to be broken just now, so here are the firm's details:




Bridge End, Burra

Shetland, ZE2 9LD



Tel: 01595 859040

Mobile: 07900 950714

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When our polyunnel was erected two years ago, the builder bought the polycarbonate sheets from LBC who, I think, brought them into Lerwick as a special purchase. It might be worth going there and asking. The fact that they are under new ownership might work in your favour as well.

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I don't think it is 70kg worth, I think you have got your sums wrong somewhere I'm afraid.


I think the 35mm stuff I saw online was approximately 4kg per square meter. This meant the sheet I was looking to buy was 8-9kg in total.


It is a very lightweight product, basically hollow and full of air!!


The firm I look at online just quoted me £70 delivery charge. So yeah, I think trying Hays will be my next port of call (it should likely have been my first!!)

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your first post asked about polycarb sheet which is 25mm thick and would weigh roughly in the region of 70kg now you are asking about "tripple wall" sheeting which as you say is hollow and full of air, hays would be the best bet you can get the sheets pretty big the last sheets i worked with were about 2.5m square so they should easilly be able to get you the size you need

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