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Why is my PING speed so high?


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Using a wired connection improves speed by a small amount. Not enough for it to be some kind of answer.


And not the answer to the question I posed.


No proper test - no help.


1. Best Effort Test:  -provides background information.

Download  Speed
1.18 Mbps
0 Mbps	7.15 Mbps
Max Achievable Speed

Download speedachieved during the test was - 1.18 Mbps
For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 0.6 Mbps-7.15 Mbps.
Additional Information:
Your DSL Connection Rate :8.13 Mbps(DOWN-STREAM), 0.45 Mbps(UP-STREAM)
IP Profile for your line is - 7.15 Mbps

If you wish to discuss these results please contact your Broadband Service Provider.

If you are experiencing problems with specific applications, servers or websites please contact your Broadband Service Provider for assistance.

Your test has completed please close this window to exit the performance tester.


That's the wired connection.

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