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Evertype: Alice in Wonderland -- in Appalachian English!

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Evertype would like to announce the publication of Byron W. Sewell and Victoria J. Sewell’s translation—or perhaps transposition—Alice's Adventures in an Appalachian Wonderland which is written in the rich Appalachian dialect of West Virginia. The book is fully illustrated by Byron in the style of John Tenniel's classic illustrations. A page with links to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk is available at http://www.evertype.com/books/alice-en-appal.html . Bookstores can order copies at a discount from the publisher.




Michael Everson

Evertype, alice-in-wonderland-books.com

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The Woolly Bar an Alice peer at each other fer a spell in silence: finally the Woolly Bar takes the corncob pipe thet he’s a-smokin out o his mouth, an says te her in a sleepy voice as thick an slow as molasses in January: “Who the heck’re you?â€


This ain’t an encouragin start at a conversation. Alice replies, a mite shy, “I—I don’t rightly know, Sir, jist at the moment—leastwise I knows who I was when I got up this mornin, but I figger I must’a changed sevral times since then.â€


“How’d thet be?†says the Woolly Bar. “Splain yersef!â€


“I cain’t splain ma-sef, I’m afeared, Sir,†says Alice, “cause I ain’t ma-sef, see?â€


“No, I don’t see,†says the Woolly Bar.


“I’m afeared I cain’t put it any plainer,†Alice replies, real polite, “cause I cain’t figger it ma-sef, an bein so many sizes in a day is powerful confusin.â€

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