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Error Message when posting on the Internet Problems thread.


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When posting on the Internet Problems thread the following Error Message is displayed:


General Error


Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 535 Incorrect authentication data




Line : 132

File : smtp.php


The post does post, but the above message comes up instead of the normal after posting one. Issue present on other accounts as well as mine.

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Can't see a problem at this end and haven't been able to replicate the error - hopefully it was a self rectifying gremlin.


Dunno if this helps any.


Everytime I post on the 'Science & Technology' board, 'Internet Problems?' thread, this is what comes up instead of the usual after posting message page. Happens everytime on that thread, but hasn't happened anyplace else....yet! Exactly the same happens when 'er indoors posts, and that's a different computer and different ISP - she won't let me loose on her's so I'm not letting her loose on mine etc etc. :lol:


I'm with Chuck on this one, BT aren't liking hearing the truth. :wink:


[update @ 7.15am]Now getting the Error Message on all posts except, bizarrely, this thread.[/update]



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^ Hmmm....I dunno, I reckon its queen-vik - the user whose apparently made all 16777215 posts that have ever been made on Shetlink, even though they only joined in Nov. '10, and there are posts dating back to Dec. '05, but who also apparently have made no posts at all. I guess that must make the rest of us holograms, clones, or something. :?


I think I feel the Twilight Zone coming on.


'Memberlist' > 'Total Posts' > 'Descending', then 'Find all posts by....' if you think I finally lost it.

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