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What is up with Shetlink??


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Yes, there are some issues. Yes, it's old software. Yes, an upgrade is long overdue. In fact an upgrade has been discussed.


Finding time to do it is another matter entirely. We had a meeting scheduled to discuss it, but this fell through 'cause we're all so busy. Waah! etc


Anyway - your concerns are noted. I'll see what can be done.


(Edit - poop! I just got a DEBUG mode error trying to post this. Looks like the server is grumbling. Might have to find a pointy stick to poke it with)

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Thanks for the tip, Hector, but I tried and the messages are still sitting there. Very frustrating.


Over to Facebook Shetland Classifieds, I think. Pity, I've done a lot of trade here on Shetlink. When it works, it's very good.


Frances, I know what you're trying to say, but I have to find some irony in your posting. :wink:

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